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Top 5 LoFi streams for Studying/Relaxing/Gaming

Whisper of the heart (1995)                                              Chilled Cow (2018)


They say listening to jazz and classical while studying makes you smarter. New studies reveal that any kind of music that you enjoy is good to listen to as long as it doesn’t have distracting lyrics. So why not try something wavy? Some are saying LoFi hip-hop is the new jazz. With the massive increase in mainstream popularity of late great producers like Nujabes and J Dilla, people were wondering what to name the genre other than just “instrumental”. Terms like Nu Jazz, Chillhop, Acid Jazz were often thrown around, but the community seems to have settled on the umbrella term ‘LoFi Hip Hop Beats’ for now. When done right, it can be some of the best music to relax and kick it to.




Chilled Cow  



The trend came into prominence late 2015 when channels started featuring looping anime images over hip-hop instrumental beats. The most popular person to do it was probably someone named “chilledcow” who later had the image remodeled to be more original for the channel.


Chilled Cow is by far the most popular LoFi streaming channel currently on YouTube. At the time of this point they are coming up on almost 2 Million subscribers. With more than twice the amount of subscribers as anyone else, they are far ahead of the game. Chilled Cow was one of the first live streams to take their image a step further by transforming the widely used and clichéd “anime girl studying” (a scene from Studio Ghibli’s Whisper of The Heart) gif into their own animation.










Steezy is my personal favorite. It is evident in the video’s looping graphic of Madlib’s Quazimodo that the style of this channel has a bit more of an urban influence to it. The occasional track will have lyrics, but the songs always have a lo-fi nostalgic sound to them. From what I’ve seen this one seems to have one of the most active chat communities on the live stream. They have a constantly updated mix available on Spotify, though not all of the songs on the stream are released on Spotify. Aside from the stream, the Steezy YouTube channel features some of the highest viewed officially uploaded Beat Tapes on YouTube such as TokiMonsta and my personal favorite Jinsang – Solitude. With a join date circa 2012, this channel is also the oldest of the five.







Aside from their streams, ambition also features a lot of artists and beat tapes on their channel that are worth looking out for. The comments section can get pretty philosophical. This channel welcomes people from the gaming community. They have a popular discord and Twitch channel.



Mellowbeat Seakers 



To throw some diversity into the mix, these guys are a lo-fi beat stream based out of Korea. Other streams include, 24/7 Korean Underground Indie/R&B/Hip Hop Radio, which I am currently enjoying.



Chillhop Music 




Chillhop Music is another one of the OG’s. They have the oldest channel on this site and have been going since 2013. Much like Chilled Cow they have have a ton of views and will probably hit that 2 million mark sometime soon.


, Nourish

If I was giving out awards for stylish interface, this channel would take the cake. This channel preferences a bit more of an electronic sound if that’s what you’re into.



All these channels accept submissions if you think you’ve got what it takes.


Alternatively, if you want something completely the opposite, we’ve got you covered.


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