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Thiago MC Reacts to “Kresnt – In Your Place” Music Video


Thiago MC reacts to the new Kresnt music video and this is nothing but fire! The team at TiV Productions were able to capture the song really well, by adding multiple locations with the use of the zoom in/out transitions to imply “space” (which was repeated numerous times during the chorus of Kresnt’s track). Thiago MC brought a new audience to Kresnt’s video (over 711,000 subscribers to be exact) which was surely the reason the video propelled to viral success.

Kresnt’s “In Your Place” Music Video just reached over 1,000,000 views on YouTube! With the internet going crazy over the catchy tune, we recently caught up with their team to ask how they were able to promote their music to such a huge audience.

The response was nothing short of Genius! We did not know that Kresnt is an A student and in the process of finishing his University Degree connected to Business & Econ; he has surrounded himself with a team that focuses on branding him to Stardom status.  These may be impressive feats for a musician in this era, however there is more, we found out that each song/video contains a marketing plan which would go over most people’s heads.

Their Team partnered with the top meme accounts from instagram as well as snapchat influencers, in order to get their videos to a calculated viral position. The video also was featured on the front page of reddit and the track was featured on such publications such HipHopDx, Complex,  No Jumper Podcast and more

Kresnt is here to stay and Hip-Hop will never be the same.


Kresnt Sold Out Rap Show at Fortune Sound, Vancouver


Kresnt – In Your Place (Prod. 40K)

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The Lunar Phase Album:


Director: Raphael “Zectrix” Regis
Director of Photography: Paolo Altruda
Producer: Kamal “Kane” Dabir
AP: Justin Tate
Location Scout: Whitman Mclallen
Music Producer: 40k
Performing Artist: Kresnt
Model: Daria Azizian
Dancers: Osita , Venice
Photographer/BTS: Vivek Singh
Photographer: Justin Tate
Photographer: Andres Chavarriaga
Editors: Zectrix, Paolo Altruda
Written By: Zectrix , Paolo Altruda, Kane Dabir


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► Link da música: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUyEB…

► Instagram: kellbert_ ► Facebook: https://goo.gl/UgBZlH

► Instagram Kresnt: https://www.instagram.com/kresnt.25/

► Produtora do clipe: www.tivproductions.ca

► Contato para shows: madeinoz.contato@gmail.com | 11 99757-6364 (Ronaldo)

► Contato profissional: thiagokelbert@gmail.com *Comentem com os vídeos que vocês queiram que eu traga!!! #THIAGOMC1MILHÃO └────────────────────────┘

Founder & CEO With a background in film production and digital marketing, Kane seeks to showcase the Culture of Vancouver with a cup of Coffee and a Banana.

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