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NINETYFOUR is Vancouver’s Casanova in “Run it Up” [ Video ]

NINETYFOUR – Run It Up (Official Music Video)




Rapper/Singer NINETYFOUR showcases his love for the ladies in the new Video off his “SPREE BOY SERIES” EP and this video goes hard. Much love to the film production team for delivering a great concept for NINETYFOUR – Run it up.

Specifically, it is evident that Joshua Laplap has created a wavy rap music video while telling a story with his use of light. The effects were a little too much for me at certain points of the video but it’s just my film brain dissecting something that does not need to be nitpicked in such detail.

NINETYFOUR has some great melody throughout this song, it reminds of a PND mix with August Alsina and with this wavy video, the whole package is  something incredible for new-gen hip-hop fans.



Artist Instagram: @estninetyfour

Video Production: Joshua Laplap

NINETYFOUR’s “SPREE BOY SERIES” is now available on all major streaming services.


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