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Kustom is better than You and here is why

This is Dope. Not a fan of waiting but for certain artists in the city, it makes sense. Kustom has been working with 40k for years and when he is not rapping about bitcoin, he is probably investing in it (mans is smart).

The flow of the song is amazing, and the production from 40K is on another level. People can say I am bias because I run into similar circles as them but my bias is towards amazing music & I will leave it at that.

This is definitely not the school yard but the clever lyrics from Kustom is something any rap fan can appreciate. This song reminds me of a Japanese sample.. maybe from Nujabes but regardless I’m excited for 2018 Vancouver.

Song title: Kontrakt
Artist: Kustom
Featured Artist: 40K
Producer: 40K

Quotable Bars:

“This living shit is a gamble,
why not cheat if they gone let me”


40K: @thisis40K
Kustom: @kustomjulius

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