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GASHI – Used To Be (Ben Billion$)

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GASHI – Used To Be (Ben Billion$)


Hype meets Melody!!  that may be the best way to describe him. G4shi aka GASHI has teamed up with superstar Producer Ben Billion$ (Known for “often” by The Weeknd and has production credits including Beyonce, Jay-Z, French Montana & More) on their new song “Used to be.”  This instant hit caught my attention with the switch up in the first 30 seconds, and of course the amazing hard-hitting drums cannot be ignored.

A braggadocios hip-hop song, with an interesting chorus, which is ultimately the most memorable lyrics for me.

[Coffee Favourite Lyrics]

You got me losing my mind
Every night I pop another pill to sleep
They keep saying there ain’t nothin’ wrong with me
I’m just so obsessed with how things used to be, used to be


This track deserves much more attention as this is one of GASHI’s best songs. Here is my list of GASHI’s Top Five songs so far:

  1. Pretending 
  2. Switch Up
  3. Disrespectful
  4. What They Know
  5.  Used to Be

Honorable Mention

**Best of My Life






Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/g4shi/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/gashi

Ben Billion$

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/benbillions/

Coffee:  Kane Dabir


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